An applicant is an international student if they are:

  • a Temporary Resident (visa status) of Australia,
  • a Permanent Resident (visa status) of New Zealand
  • a Resident or Citizen of any other country.

ALL international students must supply evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover and a copy of their visa upon enrolment. All passport, visa and OSHC changes must be reported to International Services or campus administration during the course of the student’s study.

An applicant is NOT an international student if they are:

  • an Australian citizen (living in Australia or overseas)
  • an Australian Permanent Resident (holders of all categories of permanent resident visas, including Humanitarian Visas)
  • a New Zealand Citizen.

Changing from International status to Domestic status

If an international student‘s status changes to Permanent Resident (PR) then they will be eligible to apply for enrolment as a domestic fee-paying student in subsequent semesters. A copy of the Permanent Resident visa will need to be supplied to the campus or to International Services.

If the student’s status changes during a trimester and they apply for enrolment as a domestic fee paying student before the Census date, they will receive a refund of the fee difference. If their status changes after the Census date, or they submit their application after the Census date, no refund will be applicable.