Audition (Music Applicants Only)

Music Performance applicants are required to audition. They must perform two contrasting pieces of music of their own choice. The two pieces should not exceed ten minutes total. Applicants should audition with an accompaniment - either live accompanist or a backing track.

Songwriting applicants are required to undertake an audition OR submit a folio. The audition should include original songs. The folio can consist of recordings, lyric sheets, charts or other items as discussed with the admissions officer.

Applicants living overseas or interstate may submit an audition video. You should face the camera and no effects should be added. Videos can be submitted by online video sharing site (eg. or FTP link.

Portfolio (Animation, Game + Design applicants only)

Applicants for 3D Animation, Game + Design programs are required to submit a portfolio. The portfolio should contain at least five pieces of work that demonstrate your creativity. Portfolio pieces may include drawings, paintings, photography, design work, stories and more.

Applicants who do not have any existing work to submit will be advised on how to create a portfolio.

Folios can be submitted online or by mailing a disc to the campus. Please contact us before posting your disc.