JMC Academy usually has three intakes each year for all programs.

Upcoming Intake Dates:

Monday 17th September 2018
Monday 4th February 2019
Monday 3rd June 2019

Each intake is conditional upon minimum enrolment numbers.

*Note - new students will have orientation one week before the trimester begins. Please refer to enrolment documentation for specific dates. 

Census Dates

Students must finalise all enrolments in a trimester before the census date.


*Please note these are not intake dates. Intake Dates are outlined above.

September 2018
Census Date - 15th October 2018

February 2019
Census Date - 4th March 2019

June 2019
Census Date - 24th June 2019

Study Modes

All courses are offered full-time and are delivered on JMC Academy premises. Learning opportunities off-campus, such as performances, projects and excursions, may also be provided.

Trimester and Semester Systems

All of our Bachelor Degree programs are also available under a Semester system. Under the Trimester system the degree takes 2 years to complete. Under the Semester system the degree will be taken over 3 years.
Students will normally enrol in the Trimester (2-year) system and this will apply unless you advise us of your Semester (3-year) preference during the application/enrolment process.

Contact us for more information.