5 reasons why studying Audio Engineering at JMC is so different

JMC Academy developed Australia’s first ever accredited Audio Engineering course, but why are we still the leading provider? Well, here’s 5 reasons why…


1) Collaboration

What makes JMC unique? Our students of course! With such a variety of creative courses all under one roof, our students get the opportunity to work together on numerous projects as part of integration projects within the course. 
JMC has been a fantastic experience for me. Not only did I learn plenty about audio engineering, but I also learned so much more about collaboration. My favourite aspect about JMC, was the ability to work with other industries; including FTV, Music, Animation and Game Design. – Ethyne Wesley
Audio students get the chance to not only work with music + songwriting students in our state-of-the-art studios, but you can also work developing sound for the film + tv production students films, design sound for game or animation students projects, and learn to work with entertainment managers for the business behind the industry. 

2) Internship Opportunities

As part of your course, students get the opportunity to take part in a dedicated and accredited internship program as one of their units to gain invaluable experience and make new contacts. We could list all the amazing places our students have interned at (and many actually getting offered full-time work after their internship), but the list is just too long! So here’s a few… 
- Universal Music Australia
- Kiss FM ( Our students have their own radio show currently!)
- The Base Recording Studio
- Big Sound Festival
- Acoustic Technologies
- Brain Studios, and so much more!

3) Industry Professional Mentors

Not only are all of our tutors highly-experienced, well connected and accomplished, they are still working in the industry which means even more connections for you! They are all highly passionate about equipping their students with everything they need for success, and with their industry connections, can help do that. Due to the small class sizes (Practical classes could be as low as 4 students to 1 tutor!) so the tutors know your name, your strengths, they see your passion and they can recommend you for industry work. Your mentors here are your first connections in the industry. 

4) The Gear

Audio at JMC is a hands-on production-based course that is directly in sync with the audio industry. Our campuses are full of the best tech in the trade including high-end equipment and recording studios, fitted with 5.1 surround sound and all the latest gear, including: Consoles: SSL Duality 48 Channel, Avid C24 console: Pro Tools HD, HDX converters Mics: Neumann U87, FET 47, U89, Royer 121, AKG C414 Plugins: Universal Audio Plugin Suite, Waves Mercury Bundle Outboard: Avalon 2022, Universal Audio 2x610, Empirical Labs Distressors, DBX 160a, AKG-c414… need we say more?

5) Opportunities

JMC’s Industry connections means a wealth of opportunities including masterclasses, industry panels, industry guest speakers and so many other events that augment the course! 
Explore the fundamentals of sound and music production, the operation of both studio and live sound equipment, and event audio production with JMC’s Audio Course.
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"I mainly wanted to work in a recording studio as a producer. I wanted to help artist's put everything into their songs emotionally, so the listeners really feel and understand the message that they are trying to convey. Although this is still a very strong interest of mine, and still potentially what I would like to do in the industry, JMC has opened so many different doors for me. I’m currently working as a theatre technician + live engineer and have also had many different opportunities to work in the film side of the industry. It is something I have loved doing and is now an option I am considering pursuing in the future." Read "Running My Own Recording Session as an Intern" from Audio Engineering student Zac 🎶👀 Link in bio

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