Why study a Masters?

Most people who choose to study a Master’s degree do so in the hope that postgraduate study will further improve their career prospects.

Higher earning potential is one of the most-cited reasons for enrolling in a Master’s degree. However, remuneration shouldn’t be the only reason for studying a Masters. 


The industry needs you

Australia’s creative sector is rapidly emerging as a progressive and powerful economic force, contributing over $30 billion annually to the economy. This dynamic sector is required to continually change, innovate and disrupt to sustain itself and respond to rapidly changing consumer demands. It needs leaders, change-makers and visionaries. (That’s you!).

Job prospects

You have the ability to change, progress or redirect your career altogether. A Masters can allow you to teach at a university level, or to take the next step up the ladder in your career. It may also open up new opportunities you may not have planned for through new contacts and increased awareness to other diversified creative fields. 

If you’re looking for work overseas, further study also means that you can qualify for higher skill level work, which can make it a lot easier to get a VISA in many countries. 

Pursue your interest in more depth

It is an incredible opportunity to understand the innate critical thinking of your chosen field, become an expert and a master of tomorrow’s jobs, today. Delve into your passion projects while progressing your skills and constructing your future. 

Become self-sufficient

Self-sufficiency and entrepreneurial skills are vital in the creative industries. A course like the Masters of Creative Industries at JMC can give you the freedom to explore, create and apply your skills while developing your own concept into a commercial reality. While working on your own entrepreneurial project or business concept, you get the chance to build your creative network, strengthen your critical thinking and extend your practice so you can make it to the top of your chosen field.

Make Connections

Studying a Masters is a serious investment, and the mentors you gain through experiences like this are invaluable. Working with industry professionals who are especially selected depending on your project of choice enables you to work with industry connected experts, and shape those connections from the ground up. 

JMC Academy’s Master of Creative Industries (MCI) puts you in the drivers seat!

This unique course will enable you to build on your innovative drive and creative practice by learning how to develop a project, concept or body of work that can be taken into the commercial realm upon graduation.

Tailored to individually help you realise your career outcomes, we’ll connect you with specialized mentors to enable your profile and work - once developed, to become known to industry. A multidisciplinary, highly collaborative program, this course will give you the freedom and flexibility to explore, create, build and market sustainable creative practice.

Flexible study options and scholarship available.

Express your interest today for JMC's Master of Creative Industries course.