Questions to ask before you start a course at JMC Academy

Whether you're fresh out of high school, taking some time after a gap year or have decided to embark on a brand new career change, starting a new course can be a big life adjustment. 


That’s why you should make sure you've asked all the right questions before deciding which course and educational institution is right for you. 

To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together some key questions that you should ask to help make your application and decision process easier. 

1.    How will this course make help me get a career? 

Each industry and course leads to different jobs, all with varying job opportunities. However, what is important is how this university will help you get a job after graduation.

JMC Academy’s lecturers are all industry professionals that are still working in the industry, and therefore are your first port of call for connections and networking. They are hard at work collating the most up to date industry resources, hosting relevant Masterclasses with skilled professionals and ensuring your craft is developed as you complete your degree at JMC. Our tutors often provide students with jobs opportunities throughout and after their course, and we even hold various networking events for our alumni and current students which has led to them gaining work experience, internships and jobs straight after graduating. 

2. What have previous students gone on to do after graduating?

This is a strong indication of not only the quality of the course, but the reputation of the university. The alumni section of JMC’s website contains stories from a variety of our graduates working in the industry, many of which gained their jobs through JMC’s industry connections. 

3. Do you have career guidance?

Student support is so important when it comes to choosing an institute to study at. Our on-site student support is always available for help with assignments, study help or even if you are struggling with the student life including financial and stress worries. Help is always available at JMC, just ask for it!

4. How big are the classes?

Smaller universities means more one on one time with your lecturers. They know you by name, understand how you work, your strengths and weaknesses and they know how to help you make the most of your studies. This also means that when industry opportunities present themselves, they can recommend students by name based on their work and dedication. 

5. Is financial assistance available?

You can’t ignore the financial aspect of attending college – it can be expensive. However, always ask if there is financial assistance available. Here at JMC Academy, we have full Fee-Help available and our vocational + undergraduate programs are Centrelink Study Assist Approved. 

Financial Support Rundown

6. How long is the course?

Find out what each of our courses entail and how long each takes from our fabulous student admission team!

Here at JMC Academy, students can complete a Bachelor degree in only 2 years during a full time load, meaning they are ready to break into the industry faster than their other peers. 

7. Can I come check out the campus?

Sure thing you can! When you enquire about any of our courses, our student admission team will make sure to check with you if you'd like to come in for a campus tour. Better yet, why not come by our next Open Day!

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If you have any more questions, get in touch with our student admissions advisors here

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