Online vs On-Campus Learning

Online courses are popping up everywhere and we understand that the flexibility of them can be very attractive to many students.


However, it's worth slowing down and taking a look at the pros and cons of online courses against on-campus learning and the experience that comes with it. Every students journey looks different, some might prefer the ease of flexibility that online learning offers, others love the chance collaborate face to face with staff and students, the variables of learning are endless. So, we decided to dive right in and compare online and on-campus learning in 5 areas students often ask about.

So...let's compare the pair!


One of the attractive reasons students choose to study online is for the flexibility - learning from home when you like sounds tempting. However, this can often lead to more distractions and a major lack of motivation. On-campus learning means you will have minimal distractions around you, be able to participate in discussions, and have an industry professional tutor standing right in front of you.

What you will often find is that you will be able to get much more done in the small amount of time spent in the classroom than the amount you will get done at home trying to motivate yourself. Not to mention, you will be in a room with like-minded people that will allow you to vibe off each other’s energy and get you excited about the tasks at hand.

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Online studying gives those with busy schedules the chance to learn on the move. The only problem with this method is that it takes away from the live discussion had in the classroom with the future workers of the industry. 

On-campus study allows you to spend a dedicated amount of hours per week building relationships and is the beginning of your extremely valuable network moving forward into the industry. Your professional and experienced lecturers will also be your most valuable asset and a VIP in your future contact list. They have already established themselves as key figures in their field and are committed to helping you shape your future career.

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Online learning may save you a commute, but when compared to the experience of being in the university or college atmosphere, we think the train trip is worth it. We won’t deny, we all love staying in bed in the morning, but once you’re up and out, you realise that being in the thick of it can really help you develop your skills in a way that can’t be learnt through a laptop. The on campus student experience allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of your uni or college. You will make new friends, compare your work with like-minded people and be able to learn your strengths and weaknesses. The opportunity to make mistakes and know that if you do your friend will be able to help you up to go again is priceless.

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Included in on-campus study is also access to an internship programme with some of the key players in the industry. This makes you the first contact point to any potential internships available in your chosen study and we promise you, getting hands-on is vital to your ultimate success.


It is obviously handy to be able to listen to a lecture in your car, on the bus, in the park or basically wherever you have an hour to just listen. But, how effective is learning on the go and how much of that lecture is actually sinking in? 

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Research has suggested that students that rely on lecture videos get more surface learning (memorising concepts and patterns) while live lectures are more effective for deep learning (understanding and linking concepts). So if you truly want to learn about and understand your chosen industry, live lectures give you a better chance at achieving your goals and putting your lessons into practice in your future career. Not to mention, you have an industry professional IN THE ROOM. If there is a single thing you don’t fully understand or want elaborating, you simply have to ask.


Contrary to popular belief, many online courses are similar in price to on-campus learning. The cost is in the content and the certificate that follows. Although on-campus may be that bit more expensive, you will have access to all of the facilities and resources the campus has to offer. This can end up saving you heaps of money when you think about all the studio sessions and recording costs that come with externally hiring a studio that you will get FOR FREE! FEE-Help is also available for most on-campus students that want to study now and pay later.

You will still have time to work part-time while you study and being around other industry enthusiasts will often lead to picking up part-time work that will double as experience for your future. There’s nothing we love seeing more than students working together at gigs or live productions through jobs they have picked up from simply being around campus.

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Although we understand online learning can be the right decision for some people, here at JMC we truly believe that getting immersed in the culture that our three campuses have to offer and gaining hands on experience is the best way to master your chosen craft and enter the industry as a confident, future professional.

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