We are the ones that live to create, to change the world one beat at a time...

Music technology has shifted the possibilities of how songwriters & composers create, and the JMC Music Production course enables creatives to work in a practical way, focusing on core musicianship skills and industry standard DAW platforms to create music.

The JMC Music Production course is designed around practical projects, with a strong focus on individual musicianship and developing a personal artistic style. With connections to APRA and music organisations
nationally & international, JMC’s music courses also enable the development of critical business skills that launch composers into the music industry. The music production stream is focused on the use of technology as a musical tool, and encourages the adaptation of new technologies, and incorporation of new software, hardware, and other media alongside your music.

You are limited only by your imagination. That sound you hear in your head? We want to help you find it.

Covering essential writing and production techniques across varying styles, instrumentation, and projects, the Music Production course will help you to create your own creative compositions in the studio - whether it be pop production, EDM tracks, atmospheric instrumental music or detailed productions for games, advertising, or Film and TV projects.


Getting some time in the studio is a crucial part of your study at JMC and during the course you’ll be working with live and virtual instruments to craft your music. Designed for recording high-quality live performances, our songwriting suites and production studios feature ProTools, Logic, Ableton Live and Native Instruments, along with a variety of MIDI controllers, synthesisers, and top of the range microphones. JMC also has over 30 (national) fully fitted rehearsal studios and performance spaces equipped with digital and acoustic pianos, drum kits and an array of amplifiers.


During your time with us you'll get the opportunity to participate in international masterclasses, study tours, and music and songwriting camps. JMC Music students can apply for The International Songwriters Camp at Haarlem Conservatory in the Netherlands, or the JPop study tour in Japan.

*Study Abroad programs will resume once international travel restrictions ease