We create our own realities, one world at a time...

The video game industry is growing fast. In fact, the expertise and practices of game design + development is spilling over into a range of sectors, with design and development practices becoming widely adopted outside of purely gaming purposes.

Game Design at JMC feeds this drive, providing the skills and knowledge to create fully immersive digital environments. Learn how to design, develop and implement an idea, with emphasis on creativity and expression through concept creation, digital drawing, environment modelling and game-engine implementation.

Get the hands-on expertise with leading game industry development and production software, and use our 18-camera leading precision motion-capture suites and VR facilities needed to create interactive game prototypes and quality game assets. Graduate with the skills demanded by leading developers. 


We take gaming seriously at JMC, with each campus housing dedicated digital art + development studios with purpose built workstations, cintiq and intuos pro wacom tablets, non-digital art studio for prototyping, stopmotion, sculpting and life drawings, portable VR development suites, motion capture studios, 3D printers, green-screen cyclorama studio and mixing + recording studios. 

JMC uses a range of software including Unity 3D and Unreal Game Engine, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Creative Cloud, Pixologic Zbrush, Substance Suite, Foundry Suite with Nuke + Mari, Redshift GPU + Arnold CPU Renderer, Adobe Suite, Toon Boom Harmony with Unity middleware, Shotgun Studio and SourceTree.



Take your passion to Europe and spend an entire trimester at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in the Netherlands. Collaborate with creative students from all over the world and build your international contacts along the way.


Spend 12 days immersed in anime and manga creation classes at the Tokyo Design Technology Center and Osaka Animation College, and explore the pop culture of Japan. This selective unit includes visits to the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum and the Kyoto International Manga Museum.

*Study Abroad programs will resume once international travel restrictions ease