The Canvas Art Award

Submissions for the 2022 Canvas Art Award are now open!

The Canvas Art Award is dedicated to showcasing the talent of aspiring young designers and their versatility in different mediums, either traditional, digital or both! Whether the medium is drawing, painting or using digital mediums to convey a concept, we welcome all forms.

We invite high school students to submit their design for the Canvas Art Award to win a Wacom tablet for themselves and a workshop for your school!

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The Mixtapes Competition

The aim of this competition is to encourage high school students who have a keen interest in audio and music production to further develop their skills and to push the boundaries on creativity!

Students have the opportunity to remix, reinterpret, and rework the original upcoming single, “Hard Truth” by JMC Academy alumni band, Patient Lounge.  

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The JMC Songwriting Competition

We invite students to submit a demo of an original song (that they’ve written individually or as a team) and the lyrics to the song in written form (i.e. your lyrics written out in a word document). The demo can simply be recorded on your phone (we just want to hear the song performed!) and only include the vocals however instrumental accompaniment is encouraged.

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The Mocktail Film Award

Submissions for the 2022 Mocktail Film Awards are now closed!  Entries for 2023 will open soon! 

Hosted as part of JMC's prestigious Martini Film Awards, the Mocktail Award celebrates young talent in filmmaking.

The Mocktail Award is an exciting award that is dedicated to showcasing the talent of young, aspiring high school filmmakers, and it feeds into the much anticipated Martini Film Awards. In its 12th year the Martini Awards brings together our film and animation students and recent alumni, as we screen and celebrate the best student films.