1) You must apply through VTAC @ www.vtac.edu.au 

Submit your application to VTAC by the close date. Remember to also advise your Careers Counsellor of your preference.

2) Select the course you wish to study at JMC Academy

Add this as your first preference on your VTAC form and aim for your ultimate course! List courses in the order you want to study them, not the order in which you think you will get in. (You will only receive 1 offer through VTAC so be sure to prioritise the course you want to study). 

3) Complete a JMC Application form

 This will ensure that once VTAC offers are released we will be able to speed up the enrolment process for you and prioritise your application. You may be called in for an interview during this time. Music Performance applicants will also need to complete an audition during this time.

4) Receive your ATAR and consider your preferences

If your ATAR is higher than your first preference course, remember to keep your options aligned with the course that best matches your passion and interests. If you like a course you've chosen, chances are you will excel in it.

Remember, due to the creative nature of each of our eight courses, JMC Academy has removed all ATAR limitations for enrolment into our courses. Instead, all you will need to do is book a time to come in for a chat with our student admissions team to talk about your interests and determine if JMC is the best fit for you.

5) Receive your offer from JMC Academy

There are a number of offer rounds where you will be made different offers based on your preferences, as well as how well you met other course requirements.

6) Accept and Enrol

Once you receive your offer remember to accept your place at JMC Academy, and then you're in!

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