What goes in to making an AEAF Awards Finalist short animated student film

JMC Academy Animation students, Luke McNiven, Ben William Lines and Andrew Mulligan created this short animation film ‘Slow Hour’, which has been picked as a finalist for the AEAF Awards 2015.  We delved into how they came up with the ideas… 

The group started off by agreeing that each group member would do their own one page story version of the ‘bus stop’ animation, and then go to the next meeting and merge them together to create one story.

From here, they talked about a Visual research portfolio, and ideas for the style of animation. Each group member then researched images of bus stops, characters, and their local areas for concept ideas. 

From here a story logline and character treatment were developed; 

‘Waking to find himself late for work, a young suit on the fast track races for his bus, but is brought to a screeching halt by a little old lady who is living life at her own pace.’

Character Treatment

Business man - aged mid twenties and works as a stockbroker in the city. He lives on his own in a one bedroom apartment and is a dedicated worker. The clothes he wears are sleek looking, nicely dressed, but his appearance can be goofy/nerdy at times. Despite everything, he’s a kind hearted guy.

Old Lady - Well past her prime, an old lady living her life one step at a time. Her eccentric nature has spread to many areas about her person, knick knacks on her walker, to the way she dresses.

Slow Hour was developed in the spirit of a silent film. The actors are almost like mimes and the drama/plot are delivered through the physical play between the two characters. No vocals were required for any of the characters but grunts/expressive vocalisations were used. Their environment was not made to be silent; ‘we will be making use of Foley as well as occasionally exaggerated sound effects. This was a creative as well as strategic decision allowing us to concern ourselves with body language only and not get lost in lip sync and voice acting. There will be accompanying music however it will not be pervasive as it is in silent film.’


Congratulations to the boys for their excellent work, and we look forward to hearing how they get on at the AEAF awards. 

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