Using Isolation as an opportunity to work on your craft

Looking on the bright side of such uncertain times has been very difficult to do, but here at JMC we still want to keep your creative spirits alive.  

At a time when we are urged to stay at home, isolate ourselves or social distance, we’ve never needed to be kept as busy as we do now. It’s so important to continue with your passions and use this time to immerse yourself into creative work. 

We are asking JMC Students, Alumni, Staff Members and creatives alike to keep their #creativemindsconnected by sharing your work during these times. Tag @jmcacademy, share your creations directly with us on all our social media platforms or use the hashtag #creativemindsconnected. 

This can be your opportunity to dig deeper into creative work you are already doing, or the chance to try something new. A few things you can work towards are: 

Keep at your craft 

Are you a performer? Use your social media to your advantage, get live and start performing. Instagram, Facebook, Twitch and a bunch of other platforms will allow live streaming abilities. If you’re not comfortable online, do as the Italians do and sing from your balcony, the neighbours will love it. Animator? Use the programs you’ve already got to create some magic or delve into something new and learn a few tricks for future projects. Filmer?Contagion isn’t the only way to depict a global pandemic, use the current climate as inspiration, document self-isolation from inside the home or take from your own story board shelf and reattack some old projects. 

Submit your Work 

High school students have the opportunity to submit entries to both the Mocktails and Canvas competitions. 

Enter you short fiction, short documentary, short animation, television commercial or music video into JMC Academy’s Mocktail Award. The nominated films will be showcased, and the winner will be awarded at the prestigious Martini Awards to be held in 2020. Don’t forget prizes are up for grabs for you and your school too. 

Submit your entry by Sunday 10th May, 5pm 

The Canvas Art Award is a concept art competition, where entrants can creatively interpret the theme, share their vision of a better future and submit an illustrated scene. Enter your scene in either a painting, drawing, digital or mixed media format. 

Submit your entry by Sunday 5th July, 5pm 

Be Inspired 

We’re taking inspiration from our students and staff in these times, as many have already taken up the task with their creative work. 

Our Head of Animation and Games in Brisbane, Lance Balchin has started creating a series of online tutorials during this interim period.  His first tutorial is up on his YouTube page, check it out here 

Sydney music student Blake Williams has begun hosting a live stream event called Destination: Isolation. Local bands and artists are submitting their live recordings or music videos to add to the showcase for viewers to watch and enjoy in unison. With an option to donate, the event is helping musicians and filling in the gaping hole that not attending live gigs has made. 

We hope that during this time you can work towards your best creative work yet. 

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To submit a Canvas Award Entry, click here