Snapshot: Australian Video Game Development

Passion provides power, especially in a creative field.

Enjoying and committing to your passions can also allow you to embark on a professional journey. In Australia, the gaming industry is changing and progressing towards a future powerhouse industry.

The demand of gamification elements in varying industries has also seen gaming and game design become sought out professions. Engaging players, even in non-game experiences, is an essential element in businesses who depend on the specialists in their field, much like YOU upcoming gaming graduates.

The ‘Interactive Games & Entertainment Association’ (IGEA) compiled a few statistics in a study to profile the Australian Video Game Development industry from results during the 2018/19 Financial Year timeframe.

The Run Down

Income generated by AUS Game Development Studios has surpassed the millions, hitting 143.5 million dollars in the last financial year and positions gaming as a necessity in developing the creative fields.

Melbourne is leading the charge of the gaming industry, housing the location of 33% of Australia’s studio locations and the location of 39% of full-time employees. 

The spread of jobs and studio locations throughout the country’s capital cities is increasing, bringing about more possibilities to prospective employees. Sydney and Brisbane are in full swing to join Melbourne’s location status, both holding roughly 20% of studio locations and full-time employees each.

Working in game development isn’t all about being an artist. In fact, only 19% of those employed hold that job title. The industry is producing highly skilled employees, with the rest of those employed as programmers, quality assurance managers, admin and marketing.

Gaming may currently be a male dominated industry, although the prospects of companies hiring new staff within the next financial year could see a leveling out of a predominant gender. Women are currently 21% of all gaming employees, with hope to increase next financial year. 

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