The writer specifies this monologue is for a trans person of colour  


Location: Amman, Jordan. Time: 4:30. The advertising agency he worked at was trying desperately to look authentic. Its furnishings of skateboards, graffitied walls decorated with vintage posters, just reeked of middle-aged ad executives trying to look "Street," trying to get down with the kids. On one lonely wall hung a framed certificate that licensed OMAR M to pursue the calling of art director, with no one ever suspecting him of being an agent of gender subversion. Just when the sexist macho bigots working at this office begin to find comfort in his big fat bearded man exterior, BAM! He camps it up! He is nothing short of invincible. He was born into a gender dystopia, a Fertile ground where the patriarchal villain of bigoted masculinity thrives and reproduces itself from generation to generation. But no matter how they tried, he would not succumb. Nothing short of ending compulsory gender norms would satisfy him. His mission at work today? SHOCK THE BIGOTED MALE CO WORKERS INTO RETHINKING GENDER. His outfit? GOPHER MAMBO! (Campy dance to Yma Sumac’s "Gopher Mambo.") I remember once when I was around thirteen, my really macho brother was completely in love with an Iraqi girl and my father was very disapproving of it and forbidding and angry, because you know, (imitating angry dad) Who is this strange girl? And my brother was just devastated, he was in pieces. I wanted to console him. I literally dragged my brother to the basement. I grabbed him by his hand, and he was a big man. I was caressing him, caressing his hands, I was saying, Shh, don't worry, it's going to be ok, shhh, and I actually suggested he go and do ablutions and pray (he giggles), just as a way to find comfort and he did and it helped (he smiles). I remember my mom was busy upstairs, she was trying to calm my dad down, and I was with my brother comforting him, and-it just pains me that I actually - that I actually stood up for him. I'm sorry- (gets emotional) and then when he was the one attacking me later, there was no one to comfort me. That's what really hurts me.