The moment I saw you I thought, 
you are beautiful, really beautiful, 
so beautiful, and small. 
Beautiful and small. I loved you. 
I saw you and I couldn’t keep my hands off you. 
Wanted to touch you, pick you up, feel your beautiful little body in my hands. 
Something about how little you were, how I could hold you, how I could lift you right off the ground, made me feel a big man. And a good man, a really good man.
 I wanted to look after you. Never wanted that before. Now look at you. Fuck. Look at you, you're nineteen and you look like an old crow. Fuck. Look at you. 
You used to have some pride in the way you looked, dressed up you looked beautiful. It felt good to be seen with you. Like, feast your eyes on this, and she’s mine. Now who wants you, looking the way you look, who'd come near you? You’re a slag, an old rag. Get up. Fucking get up would you, you fucking useless scrag. Get up!