The Academic Board oversees all academic functions of the Academy, including academic governance, curriculum development, delivery and assessment.


The functions of the Academic Board are:

  • To assist and advise the JMC Academy Governing Council on all matters relating to and affecting the Academy’s teaching activities and its educational programs, including:
  • Rules governing awards and courses of study
  • Admission of students
  • Academic policy
  • Curriculum review process 
  • Assessment moderation process
  • Recommending to the Governing Council the awarding of all academic qualifications.
  • To oversee and monitor course delivery across all campuses and receive reports on same.
  • To develop and review academic policy and report to and recommend to the Governing Council on same.
  • To recommend and oversee the implementation of academic policy.
  • To encourage scholarship and the maintenance and development of high standards of teaching.
  • To advise on educational aspects of the Academy’s strategic plan.
  • To develop detailed advice on new academic developments and priorities.
  • To receive reports from and oversee the work of the following Academic Board Committees:
  • Curriculum and Delivery Committees
  • Discipline and Conduct Committees
  • Assessment Appeals Committees
  • Course Advisory Committees
  • To report directly to the Governing Council on the above matters



1. Independent Member (Chair of Board) Prof Randall Albury, Emeritus Professor, University of New South Wales and Adjunct Professor, University of New England
2. Independent Member Prof Hilary Winchester - Emeritus Professor, Chancellery and Council Services, University of South Australia and Adjunct Professor, Flinders University
3. Independent Member Dr Lee McGowan- Senior Lecturer, School of Creative Practice, Queensland University of Technology



4. Head of Department (Sydney) Kemo Bunguric, Head of Music, Sydney
5. Head of Department (Melbourne) Kim Edwards, Head of Games and Animation, Melbourne
6. Head of Department (Brisbane) Mark Overett, Head of Film and TV Production, Brisbane
7. Student Representative TBC



8. Chief Executive Officer Dr George Markakis
9. Director of Education Ms Sue-Ann Stanford
10. Director of Postgraduate Studies and Research Prof Philip Hayward
11. Chair of Learning and Teaching Committee Dr Lachlan Goold



The protocols for membership and meetings of the Academic Board are as follows:
Membership of the Academic Board shall consist of:

  • External members appointed by the Governing Council shall have a post-graduate qualification and university experience in a senior academic position.
  • Internal representative members shall be one Head of Department from each campus chosen by the Heads of Department from that campus, and one student representative, as elected by the students. The student representative member will be elected on a rotational basis allowing fair representation of all campuses.
  • The Chair of the Academic Board shall be an external member elected by the members of the Board on the basis of a simple majority of those voting.
  • If the first vote is inconclusive, a second vote shall be held
  • If the second vote is inconclusive, the Chair of the Governing Council shall select one of the candidates to be Chair of the Board.
  • The members of the Academic Board are provided with all relevant information prior to meetings and are obligated to preserve commercial-in-confidence information.


The Academic Board meets on a date and time according to a pre-arranged schedule with a minimum of three meetings per year. Additional meetings may be scheduled should they be required.


The Director of Education is responsible for providing secretariat services to the Academic Board.


For further information on communicating with the Academic Board please contact your local representative.