The Canvas Award 2020

The Canvas Award a Concept Art Competition
Are you a high school designer who is comfortable with drawing, painting or using digital mediums to convey your concept?  
The inaugural Canvas Award is dedicated to showcasing the talent of aspiring young designers and their versatility in different mediums, either traditional, digital or both!
We invite high school students to submit their design for the Canvas Award to win a prize for you and your school!  
The winner will be announced 21 August 2020.
Competition Theme
“Currently we’re experiencing a rapidly changing socio-political and technological landscape. The world is moving fast and there’s constant information hitting our screens while people are becoming disillusioned by the structures and foundations of the past. But, what we’ve seen is a great movement of voices from around the world attempting to build a better future. Visualise how you would like see our future world, how will we live, what does our transport look like, how will we grow crops; what legacy will we leave behind for future generations?”
The Canvas Award competition is open to all New South Wales, ACT, Victoria and Queensland based high school students.
Submissions close 5:00pm, 5th July 2020.
Submissions must have been completed between 1st January 2019 and 5th July 2020.
What and How to Submit
The purpose of this competition is to creatively interpret the theme into an illustrated scene. The scene may contain characters but does not have to. Props or vehicles may also feature in your scene but should not be the sole focus.
Use your imagination to visualise how we will live in the near future and what effect current trends changing technologies may have on our cities and landscapes in the years to come. If you are including a character or characters they should be part of the scene rather than the focus of the illustration.
We want to see how you came up with your awesome ideas as well!
By submitting your rough sketches, references (as a mood board*) and rough drafts we will be able to understand your process better. 
These should be combined into no more than 4 additional pages and submitted along with your finished illustration as Jpeg files.
*A mood board is a page of reference images, colour swatches and notes that you have used to inspire your final illustration. Copyright details will not be required for these reference images.
What medium to use 
This competition is open to nearly all still image mediums including;
  • Analogue artworks (painting or drawings done with traditional mediums)
  • Digital 2D artworks (e.g. Photoshop, Sketchbook etc.)
  • 3D artworks (e.g. Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, Blender etc.)
  • Any combination of the above mediums
What not to submit
  • Character focused drawings (we’ll do a character competition in the future!)
  • Prop or vehicle focused drawings (incorporate your prop/s into the scene)
  • Moving images or video content
  • Work based on other artists’ ideas or images, this is your time to show us YOURyour ideas!
  • Fan art based in pre-existing franchises (e.g. DC or Marvel Universes)
  • Images that are offensive or divisive
  • Multiple images/sequential art (this competition requires you to show your interpretation of the brief through a single image of a scene only).
  • Illustrations completed by a group (this is an individual competition).
Technical Specifications of entries 
  • All work (final illustration and rough drafts/mood board) must be submitted electronically as high-quality Jpeg files.
  • Analogue works must be scanned to meet the below specifications
  • Digital (2D or 3D) works must meet the following specifications: Minimum resolution will be 4000 pixels on the longest side of your image (i.e. 4000 pixels wide for landscape and 4000 pixels high for portrait). RGB colour space (even if the image is black & white). Saved as Jpeg with compression set to high (100%).
Copyright and Image Ownership
  • At all times the artist will retain ownership of all copyright in the submitted work.
  • JMC will be non-exclusively licensed to display the submitted work physically and electronically for the sole purpose of advertising the competition and results.
  • Submitted work will not be used in JMC commercial advertisements or any other commercial manner by JMC.
  • The artist submitting the work guarantees that all work is their own creation and that copyright within the work belongs to them.