Ours is a world of lyrics, hooks and beats, creating music that lasts a lifetime

There are few things more exciting than writing your own music and bringing it to life. JMC’s Songwriting course is renowned for its hands-on practicality, a strong focus on individual musicianship, connection to national songwriting body APRA AMCOS, connections with other international songwriting courses, and for being a practical launchpad into the entertainment industry for all up-and-coming songwriters and composers.

Covering the essential tools for writing music to appeal to publishers, record labels and producers across genres and media channels, this course will help you to create your own music and lyrics, develop your instrumental skills, produce demos and perform your own songs.


During your time with us you'll get the opportunities to participate in international masterclasses, study tours, and music and songwriting camps. JMC Music and Songwriting students can apply for The International Songwriters Camp at Haarlem Conservatory in the Netherlands, the Nandos Music Exchange in London or the JPop study tour in Japan.

*Study Abroad programs will resume once international travel restrictions ease


JMC’s firm commitment to providing you with the best technology in the trade can be seen in our fully fitted songwriting suites, designed for recording in high-quality and for mastering production techniques. Each songwriting suite features software like ProTools, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and Native Instruments, along with MIDI keyboard controllers (keyboard and pad), high-quality monitors, and an array of Rode Condenser mics and instrument microphones. Rehearsal studios and performance spaces, including the auditorium, are fully equipped with digital pianos, drumkits, multi-channel P.A. systems, and guitar and bass amplifiers.