We create our own realities, one world at a time...

As gamification becomes an integral part of the future of this world, some of the most in-demand players in the entertainment industry are game developers and visual effects specialists. 

Game Development at JMC feeds this drive, providing the skills and knowledge to create fully immersive digital environments. Learn how to design, develop and implement an idea, with emphasis on creativity and expression through concept creation, digital drawing, environment modelling and game-engine implementation.

Get hands-on expertise in leading industry software like Maya and the Unity game engine, and use our 18-camera leading precision motion-capture suites and VR facilities to create interactive game prototypes and quality game assets, and graduate with the skills demanded by leading developers. 


We take game design and development to heart at JMC, with the best tech in the trade, including Wacom Intuos Pro and Cintiq tablets,18-camera leading precision motion-capture suites, VR facilities (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift VR), Green-screen studios, Mixing and recording studios, Rendering tech (Redshift , Pixar RenderMan, Arnold) Quixel for texturing, Mudbox and 3D-Coat for sculpting, Compositing tech (After Effects and Fusion), Adobe suite, Autodesk Maya, Unity, ZBrush.

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