We see the world differently, one pixel at a time...

Love design but also enjoy working with technology? This course is about communicating your ideas and expressing your vision through digital technology. It is everything to do with the design of the web, apps, spaces and experiences. 

Digital Design at JMC will provide you with the tools and skills you’ll need to easily adapt to emerging media and technology as it storms the world stage, and work in a holistic way with this tech to turn your ideas into things that we can not only visualise, touch or hear, but also things we can actively experience.

Merging ever-expansive new technologies into our lives in a way that serves us rather than frustrating us, is one of the great design challenges of our time. With our studio-based learning, you will gain an experience that mirrors the industry you’re preparing to enter and sets you up make it.


We take design seriously at JMC, with studios full of the best tech in the trade. From Day One you’ll have access to light-filled design studios and highly sophisticated equipment including Adobe Creative Cloud, Wacom graphics tablets, HTC Vive VR tech, 3D printers and DSLR cameras.