JMC Academy's Code of Practice

Information regarding the JMC Academy's commitment to offering high level policies and procedures is available below.

Download: JMC Academy Code of Practice

Deferment, Withdrawal and General Student Admin Requests

Domestic students may apply to defer their studies in the event of unforeseen circumstance or illness. The maximum period of deferment is 12 months. Applications for deferment are accepted at the college’s discretion.

Students will be required to complete the General Student Administration Request form. Forms are available from Administration or may be downloaded from the file below. Please discuss your situation with Administration prior to lodging this form. An exit interview must be conducted authorising your request, failure to do so may result in fees continuing to be owed.

International students can only defer their enrolment on compassionate or compelling circumstances and deferring, suspending or cancelling enrolment may affect your student visa.

Download: Application for Deferral of Course Commencement Form