To apply for a Diploma or Bachelor Degree at JMC you need to meet the following criteria. If you are unable to meet all of these requirements there may be an alternative pathway for you. Read more below.

To apply for a Master of Creative Industries, please see entry requirements here.

Applicants must meet the following:

  • Minimum 17 years of age
  • A completed Application form
  • Interview
  • Audition (Music Performance + Songwriting students only)
  • Creative Portfolio (for Animation, Game and Digital Design applicants only)

Additional Requirements for direct entry to Bachelor Degree:

  • Senior School Certificate or equivalent with ATAR of 65 or above or OP of 16 or below;


  • Completion of a Diploma qualification (AQF level 5) or above from JMC Academy or another institution


  • Be Over 21 years of age

Additional Requirements for direct entry to Diploma Degree:

  • ​Senior School Certificate or equivalent- No minimum ATAR or OP required;


  • ​JMC Certificate III in Screen and Media

Alternative entry pathway into the Bachelor

Alternative entry at Diploma level is available to students who have not attained an ATAR score of 65 or OP score of 16 or below. For applicants who have not studied at HSC level and are less than 21 years of age, an interview is required to establish educational background and relevant experience.

Students who successfully complete the Diploma can articulate into the Bachelor Degree.

Vocational (Certificate III) - Enabling Course

Students are selected to study at JMC Academy on the basis of:

  • A completed Application form
  • Minimum 16 years of age
  • Interview

This course has been designed as an enabling course to a Diploma level for applicants who have not studied at HSC level and are less than 21 years old. 

International students are required to be proficient in English (and send proof thereof) in accordance with DIAC requirements. Please see the International Students section for more details.