Graduate Films

Proudly presenting the films from all Graduates of Brisbane Film and Television of 2016.

Congratulations to all Film and Television graduates on their final works!

Blue Moon

One simple mistake can change everything.

Blue Moon tells the story of a young schoolboy, Jack. When not in class or hanging out with friends, his passion for Jazz music drives him to perfect playing the Saxophone. A gifted musician he is set to perform at the big end of year concert... if he can get there in time.

A simple mistake leads to an unexpected encounter, but his new friend Phillip may have other things in mind



He's drawn to her perfection.

All Adrian wants is to be touched by Louise. All Louise wants is a perfect man. But at what cost does perfection come? Time and time again Adrian tries for some affection but he’s not good enough. Not clean enough. Not Perfect.

How far will Louise push Adrian to be come the perfect man she wants? And how far will Adrian go to become that?


Constraints of Expectation

When the line between admiration and love is crossed, reality becomes a blur.

Constraints of Expectation is a story of frustration, heartbreak and realisation set in the 1950s. Quentin Brown is a college student with an unattainable love in the form of Art Brighton.

In the midst of finals he struggles to choose between love and literature.


The Dolphin

Drowning is poetic, don't you think?

Claude has control over his life until he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Feeling his life slipping from his grasp he devises the plan to gain ultimate control over his life and commit suicide.

Unsure of how to leave this world in the most spectacular and poetic way he can Claude tries to find a way with his best friend Terry to take control of his life and beat cancer the only way he knows how.




Hunger Takes Hold.

Interrogated by a determined Detective, young Sarah Baker is
forced to dwell deep into her mind to bring to light her shocking
tale of fear and mutilation at the hands of a sadistic madman.



A decision can change more than your life.

Cephus Boone, a 23-year-old black drug dealer, emotionally and morally corrupted by the lifestyle that he leads and from the experience of losing his child in a stillborn birth, decides to abandon the drug culture and apply to local universities in pursuit for an education.

This means agreeing to one last drug deal to secure enough funds but also means catapulting himself head first into conflict with former friend/racist rival, Mackie Sanders.


Imagination can make all the difference.

At 12, Josh’s world seems to end when his grandfather passes away. Unable to truly understand his emotions, he withdraws into himself and confides only in his new best friend; a red balloon he keeps tied to his wrist he calls Lenny. When his parents once again argue about his isolation, Josh retreats into the only sanctuary he knows; his imagination.

In this new world, Lenny is no longer a balloon but a heroic young man intent on aiding him in a quest through a giant labyrinth to retrieve his grandfather’s pocket watch from Death himself. Plagued along the way by the Labyrinths guardians and confronted by the mazes inhabitants Josh is continuously tested. In a final confrontation with Death, Josh is forced to truly examine himself and ultimately accept the loss of his grandfather.

Lizard Sapien 

The story of a town with a local myth and a journalist that is destined to uncover the truth.

A down on his luck journalist (Jeff Adams) is sent to investigate the disappearance of townsfolk in a waterfront community. Upon arrival, he discovers the human remains of a victim and contacts the local authorities (Detective Neil Roberts).

During a life and death struggle, the journalist becomes the last man standing in a fight for his own survival against a half man, half lizard creature. He returns to his boss with evidence of the creature only to discover that it is only the infant of a much larger parent, which has now arrived in town looking for its offspring.

The Lucky Ones

The worst of the wildlife wears clothes and can pray.

In a post-apocalyptic Australia, Andrew stands to lose everything as a standoff unfolds involving him and four members of a surviving community, regarding the best interests and survival of The Boy Andrew travels with.



When loving a car becomes more than just a pastime.

Young family man, Travis, feels emasculated by his workaholic girlfriend and begins to spiral into a strange new obsession with a mysterious car parked in his street. This 1969 Pontiac provides him with a new sense of emotional connection that begins to threaten his every day life and tear his family apart.

Dipping into insanity, Travis must decide between his peculiar new attraction and his loving family in this gripping short drama.

Piece of Man

Piece of Man depicts the journey of a poor factory worker (Eli)
who loses touch of who he is. Aiming to regain his identity, Eli
rebels and returns to his former creative lifestyle as a playwright.

Piece of Man is a personal story that relates to creative issues that
artists may have in their lifetime. If you tie your identity to your
art, losing it may mean losing your artistic identity and possibly
who you are as a person.


Snakes: Living in Harmony

Living with deadly Australian snakes.

Snakes - Living in Harmony is a short Natural History documentary exploring the historic relationship between Australia’s native snakes and human inhabitants. 

It asked the question of whether a better understanding of snakes by 21st Century Australian would reduce the incidence of potentially deadly encounters for both species- humans and snakes?


Terrible Party

You are reluctantly invited.

A comedy short about a couple on the hunt for a stolen piece of nostalgia, at what turns out to be the worst house party ever.



Where the Road Takes Us

We all dream of something different from time to time.

Where the Road Takes Us is a touching tale that follows three quirky close-to-midlife friends on a journey of self-discovery. It is a story of hope and friendship and taking chances. It lets us know it is never too late to follow the path that opens before you, it may be just the answer you are looking for.

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