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  • JMC Academy graduate Jaymie Deboucherville takes on the X Factor

    JMC Academy Melbourne graduate, Jaymie Deboucherville, is winning lots of new fans on the X Factor. read more

  • Tony Abbott congratulates JMC Academy on new Sydney campus

    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has congratulated JMC Academy on the new Sydney Campus. In a letter that was read out on his behalf by John Sidoti MP at the official campus launch event, Mr Abbot acknowledges the importance of the new purpose built facility. read more

  • Producing a dance track by global collaboration

    With a song currently in the top 10 dance tracks in Australia, Rob Care knows a thing or two about what it takes to produce a hit song. Here, he talks to us his process of global collaboration for the track, 'Key To My House'. read more

  • Jacinta Le releases her first EP

    After graduating from JMC Academy Melbourne in April 2014, Jacinta Le will launch her first EP only 3 months later. read more


    Come along to JMC Academy’s Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane campuses to learn how build your creative future with JMC Academy. read more

  • Wall Art by Beastman at Sydney Campus

    In preparation for our Sydney launch party in June, we commissioned Sydney based artist, Brad Eastman (AKA Beastman) to jazz up the halls of our Audio Department with a mural. read more

  • Shoot and Score

    June 30, 2014

    Having honed his skills at the JMC Academy, Daniel Brown has since spun an enviable career as a sound engineer, and has just received an award from the school for his Outstanding Contribution to Creative Industries. read more


    Schlogger: (noun); a vocabulary trifecta combining the words scholarship, blogger and slogger.

    Post #8 read more

  • Timomatic And Emma Chow Recognised At JMC Awards

    July 2014 read more

  • JMC Academy launches Digital Design course

    From February 2015, JMC Academy Sydney will be offering a new course, in Digital Design. read more