The JMC Advantage


Investment in facility upgrades and new technology is a key priority. Our longstanding relationships with reputable industry suppliers have enabled us to honour our continual facilities upgrade commitment.

JMC Academy’s facilities include:
  • Professional recording studios including the 
  • SSL Duality console in Sydney.
  • 5.1 surround sound mixing
  • Digital and analogue recording consoles
  • Post production suites
  • Digital media and animation labs
  • Film and television studios
  • Professional fully fitted rehearsal studios
  • On-campus auditorium
  • Green screen studios
  • Digital editing suites
  • Professional cameras and lighting


The Higher Education Programs offered at JMC Academy are unique in combining essential critical thinking and theoretical principles, with the production based work and practical experience critical to the industry.


Students are guided through their studies by a network of committed academic professionals. Our lecturers are highly experienced, well-connected, accomplished and above all passionate about equipping their students with everything they need for success.


Beyond the stream of real and exciting work opportunities that often arise throughout the course of study, all students graduate with a professional portfolio of their work suitable for future employment interviews.


Staged at popular venues, Music and Audio students gain experience by playing, performing, mixing and recording to live audiences.

Film, Animation and Game Design students in turn, enjoy the opportunity to exhibit their work in both private and public spaces.

Entertainment Business students are responsible for the marketing and coordination of many of these opportunities.



Our unique program enables students from all departments to work together on collaborative projects, providing them with a diverse opportunity in which to apply their skills.

Student Support

Students are able to access a range of effective support systems including orientation, mentoring, counselling and academic assistance programs.

Leading Edge

Our curriculum is developed with a focus on emerging industry trends and leadership skills. Many of our courses were the first in Australia to receive formal accreditation.

Lecturer to Student Ratios

Accessibility to lecturers and equipment is essential for an optimum learning experience. Class sizes rarely exceed 25 students to ensure every student receives the attention and learning outcomes expected. In practical classes however, the ratio could be as low as 4 students to 1 teacher. 


Through the acquisition of the Academy of Film, Theatre & Television (AFTT). Certificate and Diploma courses are now available in Screen & Media of Acting, Film and Stage Management. Alumni such as Firass Dirani (‘Underbelly: The Golden Mile’) have achieved notoriety in award winning productions. JMC Academy students, particularly those based in Sydney, are now able to collaborate with a cast of exceptionally talented actors throughout their studies.