Teaching & Assessment


At the JMC Academy, classroom time is divided between face-to-face classroom sessions and practical studio time. Your attendance and participation in both is vital to ensure you pass each subject and get the most out of your time at the JMC Academy.

Teaching and learning at JMC Academy is based on the shared obligation to present content information and practical skills and to assess student achievement in a timely manner within each semester. It is the responsibility of all students to submit assignments and deliver project work, participate in presentations and sit exams by the due dates.

Assessment methods include exams, interviews, production projects, assignments and/or practical exercises. All units (modules) are graded. At the beginning of each unit of study you will be given a Unit Overview which describes what you will cover during the module and the assessment tasks which need to be completed. You will also be given an Assessment brief for assessment task, detailing the context, assessment task, submission requirements, assessment criteria and reference material.

Students may also have the opportunity to participate in Performance Showcases that are held regularly throughout the year.


Students will be given a text list prior to commencement. You are required to purchase some of the books and/or equipment on the list, others will be highly recommended.