Parents + Educators

Creative SCOPE is JMC Academy’s dedicated high-school outreach program for teachers, parents, Careers Advisors, Careers Practitioners and students to help them navigate through the huge amount of information on creative careers and industries. 

The development of digital platforms such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, online streaming in film, TV and music, and the rise of what’s known as Serious Gaming are making the world of creative careers an exciting frontier across almost every industry.  However, it's also one of the hardest to keep up with. That’s where the Creative Scope team come in. 

You may not believe this, but 56% of students report that they turn to their parents as the most trustworthy source of information regarding their careers.  

As a team, we want to walk you through what creative careers and industries entail and explain the opportunities available to young adults, giving you the confidence to support your child or student in this important decision. We’re super excited about this unique program and look forward to meeting as many passionate young creatives and their biggest influencers and mentors in the coming months. 


We caught up with a few of our amazing alumni for a discussion on where they see the future of the creative industries heading and how you as a future creative can best prepare yourself to be successful! We picked their brains about what trends they have noticed throughout their successful careers, what students can do today that will make sure they are extremely employable in the future and, of course, we chatted to them about what it feels like to be working in a job that they LOVE!

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  • A single contact for any questions on creative career pathways, information on creative job roles, associations or suggested reference reports. 
  • Information on JMC's school holiday workshops, short courses, open days, career information nights and creative competitions.
  • In-school presentations on creative careers and JMC Academy courses and attendance at careers expos.
  • Deep-dive sessions on creative workshops on topics such as songwriting and composition, creative thinking, character design and more. 
  • Teacher professional development in music, art, media, and entertainment. These sessions give teachers the opportunity to engage in tech and specialised skills training workshops while collaborating and meeting other educators from cross-sector secondary schools.

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Patricia Kung
Creative Careers & Pathways Manager

Patricia has been working in the animation/visual effects and entertainment industry for the past 20 years. She started off with various Cinema Manager gigs and lived overseas in Canada and the UK before starting working at Animal Logic, an animation and visual effects studio (Happy Feet, The LEGO Movie, Captain Marvel, Peter Rabbit). After fifteen years Patricia decided to look at how else she could help others find their place in this changing landscape of roles and careers.


Jaskurn Singh
Creative Careers & Pathways Advisor

Jas has been involved in the Punjabi music entertainment industry for the last sixteen years. Based in Brisbane, he has DJ'd at both private and public functions all across Australia and New Zealand and currently runs his own recording studio whilst producing music for artists all over the world. Having been with JMC Academy since 2014, Jaskurn has first hand witnessed the exciting and developing trends in the Creative Industries and is committed in using his experience and knowledge to help the youth of today.


Joe Betros
Creative Careers & Pathways Advisor 

Joseph has been working in the education system since 2017 and has been involved in the filmmaking and community television scene in Melbourne for the past seven years. He has worked with film students from a diverse range of backgrounds and has helped develop their writing and directing skills. Joseph is currently studying a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment with the desire to teach in the near future.