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JMC Academy Virtual Expo Booth

Welcome to the JMC Virtual Expo Booth!

Although we would have love to be meeting you in person, we're very excited to connect with you here.

You'll be able to explore a range of videos and information through our virtual course booths and video campus tour pages!

Some good news! Here's what's coming up in 2021... from CEO, Dr George Markakis.

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What's the difference between JMC Academy and University?

"Do your degrees mean the same as a big uni?" "Do you have HECs?" "What ATAR do I need to get in?" These are just some of the questions we get asked A LOT! We've found a fun way to answer questions like these for you in a few short minutes. Thanks to our amazing Creative Design thinker and Lecturer Alan Chen for this one!

Click here to view on Youtube.