Using Social Media platforms correctly to promote your music.

Whether you are an Artist manager wanting to promote your clients work or a musician wanting to spread your music, Social Media is a great way to get it heard. You just have to know how. 

We’ve put together a 3 part series with some key tips that are touched upon in our Entertainment Business Management, Contemporary Music Performance and Songwriting courses to help you get your work heard by the right people.

Our first part of the series looked at how to use Social Media Influencers. 
In our second part, we are going to talk you through the top platforms you should be using and things you should and shouldn’t be doing on those platforms!

Without further ado, here are some of the platforms you should be using and the best ways to post to them to increase engagement and reach more people. 


The social media giant is a perfect place to share your work and reach a wide variety of people. Promote your page everywhere as it is a great base for your work. You can also pay to ‘boost’ your posts, your recent work and things you want to promote people, and target them so that it reaches people who have shown an interest in this music genre. By Boosting a post by just $20, you can reach thousands more people. 

Our Tips;
-    Don’t ramble
-    Don’t just post a link- Videos get the top reach, then photos, then text then links so make sure you think about the whole post before you send it our into the websphere. 



When you’re promoting Music, not having a YouTube account means you are really missing out. 
Our Tips;
-    Make sure you tag it correctly with the genres
-    Draw attention to your subscribe button so people get updated with your new music
-    Keep it updated and relevant; no good musicians should have ‘last posted 2 years ago’ on their account. 
-    If it’s a new song, talk to your fans at the end ‘ thanks for watching, subscribe below. 


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in Australia right now, and Musicians are doing very well from it. You can post short snippets of your music and ‘behind the scenes’ posts. 
Our Tips;
-    Hashtag correctly with the genre and appropriate music tags
-    If you’re at a gig, tag the venue and location
-    Tagging correctly the right people and tags can be a great way to get your content shared, make strong by Regramming. If your band has an amazingly shot photo in front of the harbour bridge, tag The Harbour Bridge Instagram Account or Sydney Destination specific accounts. Think who would be interested in seeing it and perhaps reposting and make it known to them. 


Twitter is wildly popular and it’s a great way for you to interact with your community and audience! Generate your own hashtag, and interact with people on Twitter who are talking about and are interested in similar things. Cross promote!
Our Tips;
-    Don’t over- hashtag your posts; they just look messy. 3 tags maximum is a great rule!
-    Conversation is key here! If you see a cool post, retweet it and reply. 
-    Be active, Twitter is a very fast paced platform so you need to keep up!

There are a whole heap of platforms out there so see what else may work for you, whether Tumblr, Reddit, Vine, Vimeo or any of the many others. Keep promoting your work and being social!

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