Top Cinematographers to Follow on Instagram

With a love of Cinematography, and a passion for all things film, we take a look at some of the top Cinematography Instagram accounts to follow, including, arguably, some of the best cinematographers. 

1. Autumn Durald

This instagrammer has done commercial adverts for the likes of Ikea, Target and Bonds, but her instagram shows true cinematographic beauty. 

Valletta | Malta

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2. Vincent La Foret

Vincent Laforet is primarily a filmmaker and photographer, with his instagram account showing his work from his project AIR. He describes how AIR is ‘born of my need to share an important lesson I’ve discovered over the past decade making aerial photographs: the world is much smaller than we think. Borders are irrelevant and distances shortened. Clearly, we are more intimately connected to one another than we may realize.’


Here's a sneak peak from the Barcelona shoot! Keep your eyes open for the AIR London launch! #gtechair

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3. Emmanuel Lubezki

Known as one of the best cinematographers to date, Emmanuels work portfolio includes that of ‘Children of Men’ & ‘Gravity’. Along with this stunning documentary-style realism, Lubezki is also able to manipulate light and colour to make the most beautiful Instagram posts. 


Mosquito attack. Malibu CA.

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4. Ben Richardson

Best known for his work on the Oscar-nominated 'Beasts of the Southern Wild’, Ben also worked on the hit film ‘The Fault in our Stars’.


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5. Matthew Libatique

His work in ‘Black Swan’ got Matthew Libatique a lot of attention and recognition in the industry and his Instagram, demonstrating a lot of behind-the-scenes shots as well as his beautiful cinematography work, is worth a look. 


Believe #Chicago

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6. Wally Pfister

Working closely with Christophen Nolan on projects such as 'The Dark Knight Trilogy' and 'Momento', Pfister’s Instagram dives into his work and personal life in a variety of humorous and beautiful shots. 


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7. Rodrigo Prieto

Prieto has shot some of the biggest films of this century — The Wolf of Wall Street, Argo, Biutiful, Babel, Brokeback Mountain and 8 Mile, to name a few. His Instagrams are all beautifully composed and mesmerising.


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8. Reed Morano

One of the few women in cinematography, Reed Morano has worked on some visually stunning films including Frozen River and Kill Your Darlings. Her Instagram is the perfect mix of weird and wonderful. 

#fireisland #magichour #portrait

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9. Ben Smithard

Smithard captures every day objects and scenes with a fresh perspective and a keen eye. Best known for "Alan Partridge," "Belle" and "The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’. 


Jodhpur India. August 15th 2015.

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