Tips for Showcasing your Design work on Mobile and the Web

Did you know that most users viewing designers work on Behance, Big Cartel and Squarespace are mobile?
You’ve put all this work into showcasing your artwork online, but is it mobile friendly?

Don’t be a rookie and leave your mobile gallery frustrating users with low bandwidth and broken pages. Get ontop of your mobile friendly showcase by following these steps.


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Minimise Image Sizes

This may go against your natural instinct of big images, however, using some great tools within Adobe’s Photoshop, you can minimise the size of your file for online viewing while keeping its integrity. Before you experiment with the Save For Web settings…

Reduce the file size of your image

Investigate the UnSharp mask filter and then, lastly, the Save For Web tab will help get you out of PS and onto the web.


So why is this Important? 

Many users will no doubt make decisions about you, your effort and your quality of work by the product that you put out there, simply saving an image straight out of Photoshop, Illustrator or a render out of your 3D program isn’t enough.

By manipulating it specifically for the web you will allow for the effort, time and patience you have put into your work to be highlighted in the best possible way.

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