7 Things to consider when picking a course to study: must-haves checklist

Looking for a course to study can be incredibly daunting. 

With so many to choose from and so many institutions to study them at, there are loads of factors to consider before settling on a decision. To help you along the way, we’ve put together our best advice in the form of a checklist.
We know everyone has different priorities, but these are a few things we think are important to consider no matter what you want to study.

Does this course have networking opportunities?

In any industry, especially the creative industries, networking is a vital part of gaining a job after graduation. Developing your networking skills during your course and having the ability to network with industry professionals is a key factor that you should be looking for in a course and institution. Industry professional tutors and lecturers are your first port of call in building your professional network, you can keep in contact with them and potentially work with them later on. Your network should also grow to include your classmates, as well as peers from other areas of study. Some institutions will also hold events on campus designed specifically to build your network.

Does this course have Study Abroad Options?

Having the ability to combine study and travel is such an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to see the world and get qualified in their field at the same time. Study trips and exchange programmes are a great way to see new cultures, explore and learn in new environments. JMC Academy have study abroad options available in a variety of countries including Japan, Los Angeles, The Netherlands and London, many fully funded, to make sure students get the most out of their degree. 

Does this course have Student Support?

Know that you’ll have support. Regardless of how talented you are, sometimes you need the right support in order to hone your skills, and drive a truly remarkable career. When taking on a degree, keeping your mind clear and having help available can mean the difference between succeeding and failing. JMC has on-campus support throughout the course available for every student, to talk about any concerns, check the work and help with any academic issues. 

Does this course have Internship Opportunities?

It’s widely known that just having the qualification doesn’t mean you will necessarily get a top industry job straight after graduation. Having work experience is fundamental when applying for graduate jobs, however, many students often find this difficult to fit in around their studies, and part-time work commitments. Finding a course that incorporates an internship into the course is a great way to kill two birds with one stone, like JMC Academy’s Internship module, which gives students the opportunity to be placed in industry professional companies or roles, as part of their degree. 


Does this course have Successful Graduates?

The proof is in the graduates. Check out what their graduates have gone on to do as this could be a good indicator of the kind of connections and reputation the institution and course has. Many of our graduates also go on to collaborate with current students in their future careers, so take a look at the amazing roles some of our graduates have gone on to work in. 

Does this course have Hands-on experience?

Learn by doing! It’s often a lot easier to learn (and a lot more fun) when you’re hands-on with the equipment you would be using in the industry. When you’re looking to study courses such as Music, Audio Engineering, Film and TV Production or Animation, getting to know the tech is the best way to learn. Theory is important, but experience is vital. 

Does this course offer One-on-one time with tutors?

Find out how much one-on-one time you can get with your tutors. Many public Universities have very large class sizes, meaning you may only get a 15-minute slot every few weeks to talk to your tutor. Private institutions like JMC Academy often have much smaller classes meaning you get more one-on-one time with lecturers, and are therefore able to form better relationships with these industry professionals. 
Find out more about studying a creative course here at JMC Academy, including Film & TV Production, Animation, Game Development, Digital Design, Contemporary Music Performance, Songwriting, Audio Engineering and Sound Production, and Entertainment Business Management.