Studying Animation: From a Graduates Perspective

Adriano Andigracio recently finished JMC Academy’s Animation course, so we caught up with him to see how it went, and asked him some questions we normally get asked from students considering further study. 

What do you hope to do moving forward as a career, and has this changed throughout your course?

What I wanted to do as a career has sometimes changed as I progressed, but I have always wanted a role as a 3D modeller or concept designer on a game or film project. Those have always been my strongest fields.


What was the most enjoyable part of your course?

The most enjoyable part is to be able to discover something new about myself and other students. Sometimes people just don't know what they like or what they don't at first, but this course really helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. 

How do you feel your course has prepared you for the industry?

The course has helped me understand the broad insight of the industry workflow, mostly through the resourceful and experienced lecturers. Students are also taught how to perform well under a certain amount of pressure

What was the biggest challenge for you during your studies?

The biggest challenge during my studies was when I was working on my final project. It's hard to keep stuff together and make everyone work as a team, we had to make certain sacrifices and compromise one thing to keep the other. 

As an International student, how difficult was it to adapt?

Adapting is quite difficult at first; many things that I didn't understand at first, however, my classmates and lecturers were very supportive and keen to give me a hand anytime. Academic support and senior mentors are always available if anyone needs any help with course related problems, which is very helpful for some students. JMC also provided me with a reliable group of admin that I can ask anything about, from visa applications, to course related questions.

What advice would you give to new students?

Learn as many things as you can and share with others. Don't let any opportunity goes to waste.

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The Den from Adriano Andigracio on Vimeo.