Song Writing Short Course Creates Competition Winner in 4 Days

Meet Gemma Navarrete, a 17-year-old singer songwriter who adores music and all things creative! Gemma recently completed JMC’s song writing short course and has recorded a masterpiece in the process. Such a masterpiece in fact that she has been placed in the top three finalists at the Somerset Song Writing Competition! Gemma will be flown out to Queensland to perform the song she recorded in our JMC studios to hopefully take out first prize! But before she does that, we managed to track her down and ask her some questions about her love for music, the course and the competition!

"Art is subjective and didactic; I think spreading awareness for important issues is so important."

What got you interested in attending the short course?

I had attended the open day earlier in August 2017 and found the short song writing course so I jumped on the opportunity before it was too late! I think I was initially drawn to the course due to me already knowing about JMC as well as my interest in song writing.

How did you feel the course went?

Over the 4 days I found it very helpful to collaborate with people with tremendous amounts of experience and knowledge of song writing. I enjoyed collaboratively working with the friends I made and the mentors as well!

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What got you in to song writing?

I have so many thoughts, opinions and stories to tell and this is the best way for me to freely express myself and just explore my thoughts. I’ve also begun to start thinking about writing about things that are a bit outside of the box and aren’t really sung about in mainstream music. For example, controversial topics such as feminism, racism and things that just aren’t normally explored enough! I think certain issues need attention and what better way than through music. Art is subjective and didactic; I think spreading awareness for important issues is so important.

Tell us a little bit about the competition and what comes next now that you’re a finalist?

The song writing competition that I entered was a part of the Somerset Collage Literature Festival, held in Queensland in which I got ranked into the top 3 finalists. They’re now flying me out to QLD where I’ll attend some courses and meet new people who also love music like me. I will be performing my song on Saturday and the winner will be announced at the end of the day! I’m very excited and I know whatever happens I’ll be so grateful for even being chosen for the top 3, it’s really so exciting.

How do you think JMC helped you?

JMC helped me be exposed to industry equipment and people! I have to thank JMC song writing tutor, Branko Pezo, for his creativity and for his support towards the song that I hold very dear to my heart.

Would you consider further study now at JMC?

Yes, I will definitely consider further study at JMC Academy. I think that it’s a great university with so many opportunities to creatively explore music.

To listen to Gemma's new song 'Only', click here.

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