Simon Smith leaves JMC Academy after 10 years.

It is with sadness but warm wishes that JMC Academy announces Simon Smith's departure as Head of Entertainment Business Management from the Melbourne campus.

Simon's leaving marks the end of an era for JMC Academy – Melbourne. As an esteemed staff member of JMC Academy for 10 years, he was the first Department head to see through the Entertainment Business Management Degree on the campus, and through hard work and determination ensured our program has been on the ‘industry’ cutting edge ever since.

Simon had an industry vision at JMC, and worked very hard to solidify workplace opportunities for his high achieving students. As a result of this, some of his graduate students are working in the biggest industry organisations in the world. I believe this is testament to the connectivity that he injected into his program." – Rob Care, Head of Audio Engineering JMC Academy Melbourne

Simon has been professionally active in the music industry for 30 years with his industry experience including tour management, the booking and promotion of live music venues, outdoor festivals, and events. He has worked as a tour coordinator for two of Australia’s largest booking agencies before starting his own successful national management and booking agency MAGMUSIC.

Simon is also a member of the Association of Artist Management (AAM) and an Associate Member of the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA).

“We have all benefited from his inspirational teaching style, which has made him one of the most popular lecturers on campus. We are indebted to his vision, passion and commitment and he will be greatly missed by students and colleagues alike. We wish Simon well as he starts his new chapter in his interesting life.” – Roslyn Tabacco,  Campus Manager Melbourne JMC Academy 

"Simon Smith has been a passionate contributor to JMC and most importantly to the career and life aspirations of hundreds of students. The importance of that contribution is hard to measure but it won't be forgotten by those students as they make their journey in the creative industries. It is unfortunate that Simon will not receive the reward of seeing Richmond ever win another flag but some things are just not meant to happen even to the best blokes."  - Andrew Watt, Melbourne Entertainment Business Lecturer

“Simon has been a fabulously loyal colleague to me combining boyish enthusiasm and sardonic wit, with a passion and deep trench knowledge of his industry. He will be missed on a professional level and, with certainty, on a personal level by me. Bonne Chance Simone” - Kim Edwards Head of Animation & Game Development JMC Melbourne. 

“One thing that strikes me about Simon is his generous and caring nature – he always put the interests of his students first, and did everything he could to ensure they got the most out of their studies. He will be greatly missed by students and staff alike.”.- Chris Pickering, Head of Music Melbourne

"Through his work in his role as EBM HoD, Simon has developed the knowledge of aspiring Artist Managers for over 12 years and demonstrates enormous pride in the achievements of his students as they go on to work in Music Industry positions all over the world. He is an inspired and inspiring Leader, and I feel more clarity and courage every time we converse about anything from student issues to personal challenges. He is always an immense support, seeming to instinctively understand when to challenge anyone's development further, and when to encourage and praise conscientious efforts. His passions for education, music and best practice are infectious. Thank you Simon Smith." - Fiona Lee Maynard, JMC Academy EBM Lecturer. 

We wish Simon at the best in his future endeavours and would like to thank him for his constant commitment to JMC Academy. 

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