Schools of Rock

The popularity of tertiary music education is skyrocketing in Australia as the industry pushes for new entrants to hold basic levels of qualification in all positions. In this special report, HEAVY highlights the courses and where they’re offered. 

SS_Duality_web.jpgGlenn Ferguson is head of Audio Engineering and Sound Production at Australia’s JMC Academy.

JMC Academy is a private college that offers degrees and diplomas in music, audio engineering and entertainment business management, as well as game design and film/TV production.

He agrees emphatically that education saves students time and money when getting themselves established in their chosen fields, stating that the old way was the long way around.

"Once upon a time, if you got a job as an assistant engineer or a runner, you’d spend the first year making coffee and lunches,” he says."After that, you might have been lucky enough to become a tape operator for another year or so."

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