Rode gives their advice on how to win their short film competition

This year, “My RØDE Reel”, the world’s largest short film competition is back, and this year has over $500,000 worth of prizes!

To help any of our students wishing to enter, we spoke with Rode to find out exactly what they’re looking for in a winning short film. 

What parameters do you use to judge each film?

We use a range of parameters – originality, creativity, a sense of urgency. Plus, of course, quality of vision and audio. For My RØDE Reel, the film has to be no longer than 3 minutes and accompanied by a 3-minute BTS featuring a RØDE product 
What makes a film stand out for you?

An original story, told well, or in a new way.
What easy mistakes do you often see that can really mark a film down?

Packing too much story into the timeframe. A short film needs to be clear and concise in its message. Practical mistakes can be avoided by getting the best actors and sound engineers you can find.
What short films do you believe do best in the Rode Competition? 

It does vary and with 25 prize categories, there really is a chance for anyone to win with any genre or style. We’re very pleased to introduce our new categories this year: Vlog, VR and TVC (that’s Australian for TV Commercial!).
What do you think are the most apparent differences are between a student film and a professional film? 

Planning and budget. Normally students are quite strapped for time and money. Pre-production becomes critical here, if you’re calling in favours you don’t want to waste people’s time – so having a clear storyboard, shot list and run sheet will prove helpful.

You can find out more about entering the competition here.

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