Justin Maller's Design Work

When you are working in a studio or agency, a designer doesn’t always get to show or apply the level of personal taste they want. For many, sites like Behance and Big Cartel allow them to showcase their true style.

A Look at Justin ..

Justin Maller is one such designer who truly has a unique style. His work gets a lot of views and definitely helps to inspire other designers in the field.

Justin’s work features a great amount of abstract vector shapes that make up some beautiful compositions along with product shots, such as this DC Shoes collection.

Justin’s work showcases how, as a designer, levels of inspiration and style can be applied at various amounts on each piece of work, as opposed to the DC Shoes piece, Justin’s work for the Black Salt Mezzanine showcase, displays how different levels of vector art can be composited within a project.

Rounding out Justin’s work is his piece “Beasts II” displaying animals from nature made up of vector shapes.

Justin Maller’s work showcases how as a designer, your style can influence your body of work on different levels, from slight levels of exposure to large campaign defining styles.

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