JMC x Happy Mag on How to Build a Home Studio

JMC has teamed up with Happy Mag to give all our aspiring music producers advice on building a studio in their very own homes. 


We sent JMC lecturer and Freelance Music Producer, Nick Franklin, over to the Happy Mag HQ for a chat with the Happy crew to share his knowledge on how to build a home studio from start to finish.

Nick highlights the importance of being hands on. His main advice was purchasing quality equipment, regardless of what stage you are at of your career. “The best thing is to do is buy the best thing you can possibly afford, because I just bought so many cheap things over the years and had to replace them”. He continues by discussing the bare minimum equipment needed to build a home studio: music software or DAW, headphones and potentially a speaker. It’s feasible to build a home studio for under $500.

Nick has worked with a number of big record label artists, including Miley Cyrus, and says that these calibre artists are not fussed about the recording process itself, but more about the personal performance, melodies, hooks and making sure their audience just thinks it’s a ‘good song’.

Nick finishes by explaining how the landscape music production has changed. “There’s more artists paying for records themselves and recording music at home. The way people buy and consume music is really different. It’s not harder or easier, I think it’s just a different climate”

Check out the video below to hear all of Nick’s advice and learn how to get your own home studio started today!

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