JMC students releasing their game 'A Beta World'.

JMC Academy Game Development students are ready to release their game ‘A Beta World’. 

Did you watch our students play their game ‘A Beta World’ on Twitch TV recently? Did you want the chance to play it yourself? Well soon enough you will be able to!

‘Inside a computer lies the dormant overgrown digital world of Beta. With The Last Spark you can bring this digital metropolis back to life. A Beta World is an isometric puzzle game for mobile, which relies on you, the player, to slide, rotate, and plug together platforms to reconnect these dead circuits. All the while trying to manage our autonomous companion, The Last Spark, guiding him through these circuits to repower the world around you.

It’s time to reboot, can you build A Beta World?’

Recap on their time on Twitch TV here:

and read the highlights here...

One of the creators of the game ‘Julian’ talked about his experience of the process; 

'It was really interesting and exciting to go through and see the process of our game from pitching ideas and collaborating to make the idea for the game. The experience of developing A Beta World using all the skills we have learned in the course to create a full game was great, coming up with a rough prototype, seeing how the mechanics of the game works to finally creating our final product.'

So far they are only going to release it on Android but they will be putting it out on the IOS store once they get a working build for IOS.

Our students have worked extremely hard on their games and we are proud to help them in their journey to becoming incredible game developers. 

‘Nothing seems more amazing to me than the ability to create whole universes inside of my laptop.’ – Jordi White

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