JMC Student selected for SMPTE Film Festival

JMC Academy Sydney Film and TV Student Tait De Lorenzo has had her film 'Untucked' selected for the SMPTE Student Film Festival in Los Angeles Tuesday 27th October. 

As an international film festival, her film has been selected, along with others all over the world in the category 'Best portrayal of entertainment technology of the film in a documentary format'. We caught up with her to find out how she got involved, and the inspiration behind her film ... 

Hey Tait!
How did you get involved in this film festival?

I originally heard about the SMPTE Student Film Festival a few months ago from David Bell, head of Film and Television Production at JMC Academy Sydney. Having attended the SMPTE Exhibition in Sydney earlier this year, I was aware of SMPTE as an organisation and their role within the Film and Television industry, so knew straight away thought that it would be something i’d like to be involved in. I submitted my application online for my film ‘Untucked' in the category of ‘Best Portrayal of Entertainment Technology in the Film - Documentary’, and answered questions about the inspiration behind the film as well as other influences on me as a filmmaker. 

Where did the inspiration come from for ‘Untucked’?

I have had a huge interest in the subject of Drag as an art form, lifestyle and career choice for a long time and feel very passionately about wanting to bring it to light to the general public that wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to Drag. As soon as the opportunity arose for me to make a documentary with JMC, I knew that I had to make it on Drag. Some of the most entertaining, insightful and uplifting people I have ever been around have been Drag Queens, so ‘Untucked’ was definitely inspired by the energy that I feel when I’m at a Drag Show or surrounded by Queens. 

There are a lot of misconceptions out there regarding Drag, and the community itself is not widely understood. My aim with ’Untucked’ was to diminish these misconceptions and portray Drag as a legitimate career choice and art form. The three drag queens ‘Untucked’ focusses on (Cherry Kills, Menage a’Trois and Dizzy Bility) inspired the direction that ‘Untucked’ took. They each have totally different backgrounds and experiences with Drag, and their stories hopefully dispel any stereotype of what constitutes a drag queen. I want ‘Untucked’ to leave the audience with a refreshed opinion and open mind regarding Drag. 

How has JMC helped you?

JMC has given me the tools to do what I want to do and pursue my passion as a film maker.

Why did you choose JMC? 

When I was comparing JMC’s Film and Television Production course to similar courses at other institutions, JMC had the biggest practical component, which was what I was looking for. JMC covers all aspects of the Film & Television Industry which is not easy to find, let alone in a 2 year course. I also chose JMC for the wide range of industry connections it has, and it’s personal approach to teaching.

What advice would you give to other current students?

You’re only at uni for a short amount of time so put all of your energy into being there and learn all that you can. You’re lucky to have all of the resources JMC has available to you while you are there so make the most of it. I’d also say to think of assignments as career investments, so do them on subject matter that you are passionate about and not just for a mark. At the end of the day, you’re at uni for yourself and to work towards the career that you want so make it worthwhile and come out with projects that you are proud to have your name on.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years time? 

In 5 years time i’d like to be a successful working film maker, wherever and however my career takes me. 

Best of luck to Tait in the Film Festival!

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