JMC grad turned Tour Co-ordinator tells her story


My name is Brittany and I studied Entertainment Business at JMC academy. I now work at Premier Artists, one of Australia’s largest and most successful booking agencies, as a Tour Co-ordinator/Assistant Agent. brittany300.jpg

I worked hard to get where I am now and worked in many different areas of the industry, even before commencing my studies. I worked at Soundwave Festival and Vans Warped tour for a number of years before moving to Melbourne (from Adelaide) to commence my studies. From there I began freelance writing for a number of online publications and promoters including Australian Music Scene and Parlour Gigs as well as writing band bios and reviews for individual artists. From being exposed to the live music industry for such a long time I knew that it was this side of the business that I really wanted to be involved with!

If someone were to ask me what my favourite part of working in the industry was I would have to say going to the live events that you have been working on with agents, promoters, venues and of course artists. There is something so rewarding about seeing something come together that has caused you stress for the last few weeks! 

It is all worth it in the end!  

JMC played a fundamental role in my preparation for the industry by making me aware of the vast amount of jobs that are actually available – you don’t even have to be musical to work in this industry, you just have to be level headed and passionate! In addition to this, the connections that I made during my time at JMC were fundamental to my being able to land a position here at Premier Artists. 

The thing that I enjoyed most about being at JMC Academy was the supportive environment that they provide for the students there. The staff there help you to hone in on your strengths and find a direction for your career if you don’t already have one in mind. Some of the assignments were pretty fun too!

My advice to all those currently at JMC is to enjoy your time there and remember that the assignments are only half the battle – get out there! Volunteer/work at anything you can, your teachers will sometimes be able to offer you these opportunities but they are also out there to be found, make yourself known to people in the business while you study.  

Best of Luck!

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