JMC Academy Laneway Sessions are back!

As part of the integration initiative here at JMC, the Film & TV course, Audio and Music courses have got together laneway.jpgin Melbourne to film beautifully sung videos for your enjoyment!

The Laneway sessions were inspired from the Tram Sessions project that is very well received amoung music listeners. Head of Audio in Melbourne, Rob Care described that; ‘the focus of this project is to get some talented performers in an outside location, so the emphasis is not on the post production of the sound or video, but rather capturing the natural vibe and feel in a location that is not quite ideal for recording purposes. This style of collaborative environment gives the student a dose of working under strict deadlines, in sometimes less than ideal circumstances, to strive to achieve the best possible outcome and product.’

The Laneway sessions were previously running in Melbourne, but were put to a halt as the laneway recordings are obviously very weather dependent. 

Most recently, Taylor Bradley Piggot took to our laneway to perform his original track ‘ Ragdoll Heart’, and what a beautiful performance it was! Have a watch below.

The staff and students at our Melbourne campus hope to release these wonderful videos once a month so keep your eyes peeled on the Laneways Playlist here... 

If you are a student in Melbourne and wish to get involved, talk to your tutor or Rob Care, and maybe we will be watching you next time!

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