JMC Academy in DRUMscene

Passionate about the study of Drums and percussion, DRUMscene Editor in Chief Frank Corniola himself put together this feature, examining Australia's leading tertiary drumset and percussion institutions.

DRUMscene.PNG The article was put together for students looking to formalise their study both academically and vocationally, and provided a guide to the best institutions in Australia. 

The Drumset and Percussion course at JMC focuses on developing all the necessary technical and musical skills to become a professional drummer. During the course drummers will study aural and musicianship skills including reading and composition. Drummers will also focus on technical development as well as a heavy emphasis on improvisation. JMC drummers will also study all genres of music ranging from Jazz, Contemporary Rock, and Country to World Music. There is also a very important focus on business skills including marketing and business planning. Finally all drummers will be trained as drum teachers studying various teaching techniques as well how to use the latest resources and teaching books.

A career in music today requires artistic skill, the ability to adapt to new musical opportunities and an ongoing familiarity with the latest in computer technologies and music software. With the revolution of digital music distribution and delivery, there are unlimited opportunities available in all aspects of the music industry, from teaching through to musical performance. Musicians today need to have a thorough understanding of business, marketing and the Internet.

Music is involved in nearly all areas of the Creative Industries. A career may be established in Recording Artist, Music Teacher, Music Journalist, Composer, Songwriter, Music Director, Musical Theatre, Orchestral Performer, Conductor, Music Programmer, Music Publisher, Arranger, Music Therapist, Touring Musician, Licensing Agent, Music Academic, Booking Agent, Tour Promoter, Instrument Technician, Copyright Specialist, Royalty Expert, Producer, E-Marketing Music Consultant, Resident Musician.

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