JMC Academy Expansion Supports Growth in Creativity and Innovation

JMC Academy’s focus has always been on providing students with the highest quality, not only in teaching but also in student experiences and facilities.

In keeping with this commitment JMC has announced a further $10 million re-investment in the College’s Brisbane and Sydney campuses.

Expanding on its current Southbank campus will be a new 7 floor state-of-the-art building at 69 Grey Street, flagged for completion in early 2017. This additional campus will house a new library, expanded study areas, classrooms, creative collaborative spaces and additional break-out areas. Most anticipated however, is the addition of 17 more fully equipped practice and ensemble rehearsal rooms over two entire floors. 

“This new purpose built campus will really allow the performance and songwriting students to immerse themselves in music making” says JMC’s Head of Music, Sean Foran. “For a student studying music, an environment conducive to regular focused individual practice and group rehearsal sessions is essential. We are extremely confident that it will strengthen the music program as well as the student experience at JMC Academy in Brisbane”.  


While only four years old, the JMC Academy’s Ultimo Campus in Sydney is also being expanded to provide even greater facilities to students. By integrating the adjacent building with the current one, music students will soon have access to an additional seven new professional practice and ensemble rooms. While an additional four classrooms will not only allow for new teaching spaces it will also open up the opportunity for the creation of new collaborative spaces within the existing facility. 

JMC’s Founder and Managing Director comments, “the new building in Brisbane as well as the new spaces in Sydney show JMC Academy’s willingness to invest in the future of the creative industries and shows our belief in the overall sector. It continues with our commitment to provide students with ample access to high quality facilities giving them even greater opportunities to succeed”.  
Melbourne students should not feel left out as plans are well underway for expansion into a secondary campus in the very near future.

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