JMC Academy Alumni gets national cinematic release of new feature film ‘Bulan di Atas Kuburan’

Congratulations to JMC Indonesian Alumni Edo Sitanggang on his recent feature film ‘Bulan di Atas Kuburan’ (Moon above the Graveyard). The film was released on April 16 to cinemas nationwide.

Since graduating from JMC’s Audio Engineering course in 2005, Edo has set up his own studio, Pt. Mitra Andalas Visual – Noise Floor, which specialises in sound and music for film and television. With local and international clients, Edo has built up a strong network of film industry contacts and developed a passion for film-making.

‘Bulan di Atas Kuburan’ is Edo’s directorial debut. The film is a remake of a beloved 1973 film of the same title. Together with script writer Dirmawan Hatta, Edo has brought the themes and issues of the original film into the present day. The film highlights the issues surrounding rural people moving into the city to find their fortune.

The Jakarta Post says ‘The scenes in the movie feel so real and honest as most of them portray daily life, reflecting reality in the metropolis.’

You can view a trailer of the film here.