JAPAN Study tour 2019: J-Pop and Manga/Anime

Following the success of our 2018 Anime & Manga study tour to Japan, JMC Academy is pleased to announce a second study stream in 2019 for Music and Songwriting students to study the J-Pop industry.


Industry Heavyweights

Focusing on the Japanese creative industries is deliberate and strategic. In 2017 the Japanese anime industry broke a new revenue record, growing to $17.7 billion (USD). This reflects a 10% increase on the previous year. 
The Japanese pop industry (J-Pop) continues to be the second largest music revenue market outside of the US. In 2015 Japanese Idol groups alone were estimated to be worth 800 million USD with a 10% annual growth rate. This accounts for only one stream of home-grown Japanese music.

The Japan Study Tour allows JMC Academy students to get a first-hand understanding of these important industries. 

Students will spend 2 weeks in Tokyo and Osaka, attending classes and workshops at the Tokyo and Osaka Schools of Music, Tokyo Design Technology Centre and Osaka Animation College. They will explore the sights and get to experience Japanese culture in and outside of the classroom. On return from their tour students will continue with a special on-campus project based on their research and learnings from the trip.

Interested students can download information sheets here:   Manga/Anime  |   J-Pop
Applications close on the 9th December.

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