Internship Story: Horror film gets major national cinematic release

When Indonesian student Chris Kuntjoro enrolled at JMC Academy he had no idea he would work on a major Indonesian film made in Australia! This high achieving film maker, now in the final trimester of his Bachelor degree, had an amazing experience as Assistant to Director of Photography of Indonesian horror film ‘7 Bidadari’ (7 Angels).



How did you find out about the internship? What role did you have?

Chris: I found out about the internship through my friend, and I got the job soon after that. My role was specified as "Assistant DOP" which wasn’t a familiar role for me but it was actually a 1st Assistant Camera with a lot more to do!

What was it like to work on this production?

Working with an Indonesian crew was a lot different to the Australian productions I've been in. Of course the basic film stuff and hierarchy are the same though. Because we were working with minimal crew, we had to take on multiple jobs on set. Having a small crew and staying in the same hotel for a month really helped with bonding among the crew and cast. By the end of the shoot, it really felt like we were a family. Being really close to the DOP, I learn a lot about setting up lights and cameras. I also learned how to get by with minimal gear to achieve great images. The other important thing I learned is how to communicate and network with cast and crew and also producers and the director. I got to spend a lot of time with the director and was even included in the editing process after the rest of the crew returned to Indonesia.

You’re in your final trimester of studies now. What do you hope to do after you graduate?

My plan after graduating is to continue my study in the US for my Masters. I also plan to get more work as a Director of Photography. My long term goal will be to build my own production house in Indonesia.



'7 Bidadari' had its world premiere as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival on the 14th September 2018. The Indonesian Gala premier was on the 25th October. A national cinematic release in all major cinemas began on the 1st November.

The film stars Dara Warganegara, one of Indonesia’s top models, Lia Waode, a veteran actress of the horror genre, Camelia Putri, a dangdut (Indonesian local music genre) star, Brigitta Cynthia of Cherrybelle girl-band fame, Salini Rengganis, a pro-surfer, Ade Ayu Sudrajat and Gabriella Desta.

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Chris documented his internship on film. Check it out:

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