International student secures internship at The Base Recording Studios

In his final JMC trimester, Singaporean student Vinod Dass will be completing an internship at The Base Recording Studios under the guidance of award-winning engineer and owner Phil Threlfall.

Vinod previously completed study at Orita Sinclair in Singapore, transferring to JMC Academy under the Orita Sinclair-JMC Academy pathway program.

We had a quick chat with Vinod before he begins his internship.


You previously studied at one of our institutional partners in Singapore, Orita Sinclair. What made you decide to further your studies at JMC?

A previous teacher / mentor of mine is a JMC graduate and he recommended the course to me. I was also attracted to its shorter course load for me because of the pathway program.

What’s it been like to move to Australia?

It's given me a perspective on living outside of the country I was raised in, giving me an appreciation for both countries and their respective ways of life.

What do you hope to get out of your internship?

I hope to learn more about the intricacies of running a professional studio, such as handling different clients and learning about the business side of the job.

What does your dream career look like? Do you think it’s achievable?

A dream career for me would be to be able to help artists turn their art into something physical and tangible in my own studio. I’d also love to share my knowledge through teaching. I think that is definitely achievable in the long run as long as focus is kept on the goal.

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